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Drivers who own hatchback vehicles know that they are the best automobile for any circumstance, except maybe drag racing, and how many people need to drag race? Subaru and Volvo make the most readily recognizable models of hatchback, but numerous makes have their own models of hatchback that weigh heavily on a car buyer’s shopping effort. Below is a list of the top four hatchbacks weighted most strongly for their fuel efficiency, and factoring in price, brand reliability and reputation on the market and finishing off with a consideration to their versatility. Any of these, if they are too expensive new, can be purchased as used hatchback vehicles for a fraction of the cost, be cautious of the condition used vehicles when shopping.

Hatchback Vehicles – Sure Bets

Hatchback Vehicles - Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius: The Toyota Prius is one of the world’s best selling cars. Sure, it endured the accusations of having brake failure and faulty electrical connections, but all was dis-proven in the end, and Toyota’s name was cleared. Sales for every model have been down since the automaker’s name was sullied in the news, but quality is still up; no other hatchback vehicles beat it for gas mileage, cost and versatility. The Prius drives an astonishing fifty-one miles per gallon and sells for under $24,000 MSRP. The interior comfortably fits a family of five with plenty of room in the hatch for groceries, sporting equipment or what needs to be hauled.

Hatchback Vehicles - Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback: Arguably, the most recognizable hatchback car on the market, the Outback has earned its reputation for reliability and resilience. It seats five comfortably leaving enough room for a game of Twister® in the hatch storage area (or a couple of rowdy dogs). Though the Outback is not a hybrid model and so only tallies twenty-five miles per gallon of gas, it still has competitive ratings to comparable hatchback vehicles. Moreover, the Subaru name is founded on taking their cars anywhere that drivers want to go, and with exception to driving on water or flying, the Outback does just that: goes anywhere.

Hatchback Vehicles – Reliable Novelties

Hatchback Vehicles - Mazda 3

Mazda 3: Both the Mazda 2 and Mazda 3 are hatchbacks, but the 2 has so little extra capacity, that the up swinging rear door is hardly useful beyond looks. The 3 however, has real usefulness, and it is the most enjoyable drive in economy class. Mazda is a little like the younger sibling in the car industry. They do not have immediate credibility in the market and though there is plenty to be impressed with, people tend to ignore them.

When drivers opt to buy a Mazda 3 they are pleasantly surprised. For starters, it is a vehicle that goes faster than the Outback or Prius without comparison. Base MSRP lists the 3 at $21,000 making it the cheapest buy for its class. Five passengers cram, leaving enough space in the hatch to make it more valuable than a standard trunk in a sedan.

Hatchback Vehicles - Volvo C30

Volvo C30: What is more surprising, that Volvo made the list, or that Volvo made the list because its offering in the C30 was competitively priced? At a base MSRP of $24,700, this tantalizing vehicle can woo most car shoppers. Its twenty-five miles to the gallon and five-seat capacity are just the tip of the perks iceberg. Volvo is crafted for luxury. Even the base models include more comforts than all of their competitors. Volvo also rivals Toyota for their quality manufacturing reputation, and while many of their models are at the top of the price chart, among hatchback vehicles, they are some of the finest.

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