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LA To NY In Under Five Tanks Of Gas With Hybrid Vehicles

Admittedly, hybrid vehicles are not at their best driving on the highway. The battery and gas combination that allows these fuel efficient vehicles to average so many miles per gallon depends on the car’s coasting state and its braking. On an interstate, with the cruise control set, no hybrid will get top mileage, but when drivers are talking about forty-nine miles per gallon even on the interstate, there is not much to complain about.

Below, you will find a hybrid vehicle list of the top autos, of course, based on gas mileage most heavily and considered for cost, and brand reputation. If you cannot afford to buy any of these cars new, consider shopping for used hybrid vehicles. The first wave of hybrids came out in 2001 (for American purchase) and there are many years worth of gently used cars to choose from at more affordable prices.

Hybrid Vehicles List – Cars Worth the Double Take

Hybrid Vehicles - Toyota Prius Hybrid

Toyota Prius: What did you expect? The Prius was the first of its kind and it continues to rank above the competition. The 2012 models are listed at fifty miles per gallon and buyers can purchase one for a base MSRP of $24,170. The Prius is a hatchback, meaning it is perfect for families, containing plenty of space for storage and a comfortable fit for five people. Models made after 2010 include the new three-mode setting, a feature that Toyota included to help the driver maximize mileage in any conditions.

Hybrid Vehicles - Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda Civic Hybrid: Honda has always been Toyota’s closest rival for economy cars. Car shoppers are always debating Camry or Accord, Corolla or Civic. Honda plays the power card, and their vehicles consistently have more oomph than the plodding Toyota. The Civic Hybrid is no exception to the rule. Honda rates their hybrid at forty-four miles per gallon highway or city. Though the mileage is more modest, the performance is arguably more enjoyable. The Civic Hybrid accelerates with force and maneuvers with ease. With plenty of interior space, the four-door sedan retails at a base $24.050 MSRP.

Hybrid Vehicles - Honda Insight

Honda Insight: Honda differentiated itself from the competitors by producing an extensive line of hybrid vehicles. The Insight is Honda’s offering for budget car shoppers. As such, drivers sacrifice some of the high mileage standards that they expect from a Prius or Civic, but with a base MSRP of only $18,200 the forty-one miles per gallon seems, at least, enticing. The Insight is a tighter fit for five than the somewhat more spacious Civic, but it is ideal for a family of four. Its hatchback design maximizes storage and the Honda engine gives it power beyond the competition.

Hybrid Vehicles – What About Large Families?

Hybrid Vehicles - Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander: 2012 hybrid vehicles are missing one significant category that only the Highlander fills, eight seat capacity. This hybrid SUV is a large family’s best choice when mileage and environmental concern are a major factor in their lifestyles. The Highlander drives twenty-eight miles to the gallon and while that is a fraction of what hybrid sedans accomplish, it is a worthwhile improvement on standard fuel automobiles.

Even as a hybrid, the Highlander is a driver’s best choice for mountain and winter driving. It has all the power and torque that drivers expect from an SUV, and while most hybrid vehicles are not even a consideration if they do not book more than forty miles to the gallon, the Highlander is worth driving for those with large, immediate families.

Honda Insight Review Video

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